Episodes & Themes
We're excited to be launching soon, with the first episode going live on the 1st of May;
With a new episode with new stories & voices, on the first of every month.

We're still putting the exact details, so stay tuned. Each episode will center around discussions, interviews & topics that branch out from a theme or collection of themes.

We're proud to announce the first three themes - we think they cover important issues and a range of topics to which many people can relate to - giving you a glimpse into how these issues impact everyday people and how these shape people and their lives. We want to hear people's experiences, stories and the real stories - as raw as they come.
With these issues, come their own sets of stigmas and taboos, those that manifest themselves in different ways for each of us.

We're not sure how long we will cover each theme, whether through single episode or a few of them, but we do know that we want to make sure we do justice for the themes and issues we'll be discussing. It's important to make sure we tackle a range of perspectives, discuss all the issues, big or small, and most importantly, give each theme the time it deserves.
This is a community project, so if you have any suggestions -
Topics, perspectives, themes & more - please get in touch with us.
We'd love to hear from you, your input is really vital!

Collectivism & Individualism
Patriarchy & Double Standards of Gender
Mental Health & Stigma