About The Podcast
The Brown Agenda is a podcast series coming in 2020;
With the aim to provide a platform to discuss the silent issues that face individuals from the South Asian (and surrounding) diasporas.

Co-hosted by individuals who bring their own lived experience, challenges and perspectives to the show, we want to have a raw and honest discussion about everything from sexuality and intimacy to family dynamics and cultural expectations.
Drawing from history, experience and fact-based research, each episode will revolve around its own topic, highlighting the unique set of issues they bring, alongside anecdotes, stories and adventure that are all too close to home.
We are part of a vibrant community that shapes our own identity in so many ways so why let the taboo, interdiction and silence of the past shape the vibrancy, diversity and discourse of the future.
The first episode launches early 2020- more info soon. Please support us in this endeavour by liking, subscribing on other social media platforms and most importantly, sharing!

It's going to be a great year, so come and join us on this Journey.